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Perfect Metal Roofing Systems! 

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G.V. Products plc specialises in manufacturing metal rooftiles and sidings
We produce our own brands: Alcotile, Alcotile Thermo, Flattile, Flattile Thermo, Romatile and Alcoside.
Alcotile® roof elements are aluminium-zinc roof elements for pitched roofs
In addition to Alcotile® we also offer a noise reducing roof element called Alcotile® Thermo. 
To suit the Mediterranean architectural style we even developed a suitable element called Romatile
Flattile is our newest application. These are metal roof elements in the shape of slate roof tiles, available in 3 colours and even in a noise reducing version or Thermo.
To cover walls and chimneys we offer Alcoside-materials, which are also available in the same colours as those of the roof elements.
Finally we offer a wide and customised range of accessories allowing you to perfectly finish your roof, façade or wall.
GV Products plc uses eco-friendly techniques to produce Alcotile®, Flattile and Romatile roof elements.


Project Flattile

Flattile on walls

Project Alcotile


Project Alcotile


Project Flattile


Project Alcoside & Flattile

Alcoside & Flattile

Project Romatile



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